MTN looking like its changing gears

MTN looking good, moving to a higher box, and the 30w EMA is close to crossing the 60w EMA as well
Comment: MTN has been moving nicely recently breaking into higher boxes. Haven’t been interested much in MTN since the 30w EMA is still below the 60w EMA. These two have since closed up as the stocks move higher. I’m waiting for the stock to close above the 9230c. This would be the highest close since November 2019, moreover, the stock would close above the 200w EMA. Now that’s some decent wind at the back.
Comment: Position

Everage Entry: R88.94
Quantity: 25.6
Stop loss: R83.27 (-R5.67 risk per share)
Profit/Loss if stop is hit ZAR: -R145.15 (-1.85%)

Waiting for: R105