NEXO 🚀 Symmetrical Triangle Breakout 🚩

NEXO... in a recent AMA on YouTube, Co-founder and Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev dropped hints of a bank acquisition and potential stock offering. They have been aggressively buying back their own NEXO tokens off exchanges in the last 90 days to stabilize the price, as Trenchev believes the NEXO token should be fairly valued in the double-digit range.

Personally, this is not a short-term trade. I would stake NEXO on their platform and receive 30% of the company profits in the form of dividends (paid out in Bitcoin ) and compound your gains over time.

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Comment: NEXO $12M Buyback Program has ket its price stable in the last 90 days.
Comment: NEXO's buyback transactions are public. It has been 26 days since their last acquisition. They are not waiting to buy a dip any longer. Something may be brewing in the background if they are buying back at these all-time high price levels.
Comment: NEXO YouTube AMA where Trenchev drops a hint that they have an "interest" in becoming a publically traded company.

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Comment: NEXO expects to have a banking license in Europe in 2021
"...cause for celebration in the US as well"

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Comment: After hints about being a publically traded company in the future ..."I see no reason why we shouldn't be in the double-digit range"

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