Natural Gas is set to rise

There is an agrresive spread close to FND . However the risk is limited and potential is huge. If spread will close above yesterday high and %R will be above -80, i will enter the position.
Comment: During the day, %R is above -80, but the price of the spread must close above -0.089 to valid the signal to entry long.
Comment: Bull spread is going up eventhough the future is going down. That is a good sign which shows stronger demand. The future should follow the spread eventually and once that happen, the spread could rise even faster to make a nice profit. Moreover we are above -80 on %R, but FND for the july future contract is getting closer, which is the only thing, which i do not like on this spread.

Spread still did not close above -0.089, but as mentioned above, the spread starts to look strong. I will look on this spread today very closely assuming to entry the trade even before today the close.
Comment: I have 2 spreads for avg price -0.078. The future is falling sharply and the spread is not reacting that much, which is good sign of the strength. Moreover after the big day falls, next days are usually bullish so tomorrow the spread should perform very well and start to gain some profits to our pockets, if nothing radically change till the market closes.
Comment: I placed my limit order for 1 contract to sell for -0.55. Another contractract could reach -0.46. If both order will be executed, it means around 550$ profit. Otherwise i set my trailing SL to -0.70. That would lead to gain of 160$.

LTD is on friday 26.6.2020. Spreads tend to be crazy closer to the LTD. There might be a good idea to stay in the trade with 1 contract and just use trailing SL to get more from the market, until the trend changes.