NINE 10/13/2022

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NYSE:NINE   Nine Energy Service, Inc.
You want to lose money, a lot of money fast? Try trading penny/speculative stocks. The good ‘ol “pump and dump” stocks.
When I say trading, I more specifically mean being “bullish” and “longing” these stocks.

You’ll always find a guy in the comment section who’s claims to have made “20k”yesterday or up 6 figures on these types of stocks.
He’ll continue to reassure in the comment section that it’s going to the “moon”. He posts comments daily and every post is a “hopeful” one. He also tends to get very aggressive if you aren’t as “hopefull” as he is.
He claims to have been in from the “beginning”. His “entry” is always at the lowest point on the chart. You ask yourself “how?”.

You hear the fairytales and give it a shot.
Who wouldn’t! The returns are insane in a very short period.
As your greed kicks in full gear, you take the TA you’ve learned and analyze as many #Wallstbets and Barcharts stocks you can find.
Time and time again you get burned. The TA doesn’t seem to work.
You start to question whether TA works because most of your “bullish” ideas fail.
You start fishing for “news” and “bullish” TA ideas on Tradingview for your stock.
Then you start to join “The guy” on the comment section.

If you grow wiser you notice that…….
“The guy” is a fanboy. a bag holder. An “Investor but not by choice.
The Market took his money and left him with a bunch of worthless stock he hopes to break even in the long run.
Every single “green” day signals the next trip to the “moon” but every single time he’s disappointed.
All he can do is hold on for dear life and pray for a ride to the “moon” so he can break even and walk away.

Don’t be “The Guy”


Daily chart analysis

I don’t like trading these types of stocks.
Speculative company with a real ugly chart with clear “pump & dump”.
There is a time and place for everything, especially if you can get a clear read on chart and your Risk management is tight.

Oil and clean energy stocks have been killing it since Nov.’20. all while most of the market has gone to shit.
They should continue to do well and possibly even better as we go deeper into the recession and inflation keeps raising.
Because of this, I believe it would be smart to look into a few speculative stocks in this sector. We should see some good pumps once the overall market starts to tumble a bit faster.

NINE was dumped from 40.00 top back in Oct.’18 and has found its bottom at 1.05 the past 2 years.
Price has been ranging and moving sideways between 1.05 – 4.00 since Sept.’20.
In Mar.’22. price made a parabolic move lasting for 3 days. It saw price soar 524% thru Resistance at 4.00 and reaching a high of 8.00.
Price came crashing down just as fast but instead of falling back to Support at 1.05, price found support at 2.35.
Since Mar.’22, price has continued to bounce between 2.35 and resistance at 4.00.

There seems to be a lot of buyer pressure here.
After moving sideways and unable to break resistance of 4.00, price ripped thru to high of 8.00.
After falling back into the sideways range, sellers have been unable to shoot price back down to support of 1.05. A new support level has been established at 2.35.
The buyer pressure is holding price up by resistance.
Price is also rejecting lower prices at 200ema and looking to gain its support.
We currently have a Raising Three Methods candlestick pattern at support. This is my cue to enter trade long.
If price can find support from either 50 or 20 ema, it will break price out of range and into a possible “parabolic” uptrend. To the “Moon” as “The guy” would call it!

Entering trade long.

Entry: 4.03
Stop Loss: 2.95, -25.90%
Target #1: 8.08, +103.08%, 3.98 RR ratio
Target #2: Trail 20 ema
this should be a good one
killing it
yesterdays update

what a beauty!
update. adding

Get your popcorn ready. Tomorrow will be a wild day
Trade update. Its time!

Another update. Another entry!

Updating Target #1 to: 22.00, +445.91%, 16.64 RR ratio
Update. Another entry!

The gift that keeps on giving.
Update. Another entry!