NIO second wave is coming ?


Well, at the first rush with NIO , I admit, I bought the stock twice, both of them I saw huge percents in couple days, so I sold it out.

My biggest dream is that NIO will start their rush all over again, so I could handle like I know, and not run away when the profit is way too high.

those days, I watch carfuly about NIO , witch I belive, didn't finished yet.

As I see it now, we had 3 green days in a raw, with great gaps at the every opening,
All of that happen after Fibonachi gave us the support at the second time!
Last thing, when the electric cars stock going up, it's effect the all other stocks in this category. And I belive I do not need to tell you about TSLA stock.

next day of trading I will place my posiotion, I want to take the ride up fromwhen it starts!

This stock need to checkout once or twice a day, It's tricky position, but I belive it's definitely worth it .
And, of course, limit command is must as always :)

Trading this stock is by your own risk.
Comment: WOW! Fast 6% up in 3 days. almost 20% in 5 days.
This trading part is even more tricky that we started:
we just exit downtrend tunnel (when you look in hours candles), so I want to see how the stock react in the next trading day.
next trading day is monday, witch I hope will be good with us, if the situation will be diffrent, I probebly will close the position bacause of the fear that we are getting into downtrend.
But for now, I still belive we are in the FIbonachi 50%, and we are going up all the way to the top (the most optimistic man).

keep trading
Comment: Monday started with some percent up.
today, the stock was higher that the day before (monday) but it will close a red day with critical down percent.
Tommorow, according to the gaps and the opening, I will choose to stay or leave.
Hope to stay with that stock, It was fun, and was great stress test.
Trade closed manually: well thats was the end of a dream.
Today I closed the position with like 1% profit - and that's because of my rule: never turn profit trade into lose one.
I took my STOP lower and lower and all bacause I wanted to show you that my idea about nio was good, and worth belive one.
I glad it's happen, I just learned (again) to respect my rules, they keep my money.
And althout I love you all, I just learned that having a profit trade is more important than showing around good Ideas in my profile.
next trade I will stick to my plane, And I promise you will see results.

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