NKNUSDTPERP , Smart money against Dumb money, waiting for the spike to happen, liquidation of SL's Long
Comment: First hit 5.77%
Comment: Second hit 7.24%
Comment: Maybe there will be another move up to liquidate all Shorts, making a new spike and going down all over again. My SL is at -3%
Comment: I'm only risking 200USD on 6666USD, RR is hugh
Comment: Trailing SL active
Comment: Double Top formation is always possible. Taking profit or enough space to your SL.
Comment: Overall Bias Is Bull
Comment: In case of a Double Top formation, is to liquidate the Short Sellers.
After we move back down to liquidate the Long's etc
Just placing trades the opposite of Retail! A good RR plan and a SL that can breath.
Trade closed: stop reached: SL triggered, nice 4.89% profit
Let's see what the future brings
Comment: P3 hit
Comment: P4 hit
Comment: P5 hit
Comment: Up to a double Top, taking out all the liquidity. Normally we move up but stay under the last spike. If we go higher, longs go in profit. Smart money wants and will take everything. Therefor they will normaly come back later. The reason they move back up now, is to take out the SL's from the Shorts.
Comment: LL and again a LL