HOW-TO Use the MTPredictor Scripts to uncover potential trades

In this How-To video, we take a look at how to use the MTPredictor Scripts to uncover potential trade setups. As an example we take a look at a recent Chart of the e-mini Nasdaq on 3min / 15min Charts

As you will see from the video, the idea is that we look to only trade on the "Shorter time frame", when we get a clear picture, using reversals at our MTPredictor Decision Point DP) levels on the higher time frame charts. At other times, we deem that the market is in a Random picture and as such the picture is not clear, therefore no Analysis should be attempted.

Remember, MTPredictor is not a "Black Box" system, where all signals should be taken, we only suggest considering trade setups, when there is a clear picture on the Higher time frame charts, as shown in this example.

Please also remember, that no matter how clear the picture may seem, losses can and always will unfold when trading, that is why Stops are vital. Please keep your losses small, and then look to run your Profits. The aim is, over time, to have Profits that are larger than the losses, which does not mean a high % of winners, just that the winners are larger than the losses over time.

Lastly, please note: this is not a trade recommendation, you should all perform your own Analysis. Losses can and will unfold when Trading, please always use Stops and keep your losses small.

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