Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday, where our nation takes pause to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for due to the actions of a courageous band of dedicated men and women who crossed a dangerous ocean to an unknown continent for the simple hope... of freedom. As traders, I am glad that we all, regardless of our national origin, our political bent, our religious affiliation, (or most importantly, a preference of Star Wars over Star Trek), we indeed have so much to be thankful for.

In my early days of trading classes a common statement from my classmates to our instructors was "I wish I started trading 20 years ago like you did!" And inexorably the instructor would say, "No you don't... *today* it's so much better to learn how to trade... The entry level is so low... you don't have to go to an exchange every day... you have immediate access to a global market with a simple app download or a click of a browser," and the list went on...

As a trader, I am thankful that we can make money regardless of economic ups and downs, that every day can be a "green day" in our account even when the S&P , Crude Oil , or whatever it was that had a red-candle day because we have the ability to go short as well as long!

As a trader, I am thankful that we have access to a world of free information like BarChart or CMEGroup that can tell us things like what is the current contract, when are economic reports coming out, and technical analysis .

As a trader, I'm thankful to all the free tools available, like the free version of TradingView, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, YouTube, and so on.

As a trader, I'm thankful for the overall giving nature of our community, that traders generally and genuinely like helping fellow traders. Unlike Corporate America where it is dog-eat dog, or owning a business in a niche market where there is great competition to attract a limited number of customers, the opportunity for all traders are for all intents and purposes, *infinite*, and we all share in the collective success of the entire group!

As a trader, I'm thankful that I have no one to ask permission to take time for a family emergency, a medical emergency, a vacation, or anything that would normally interrupt or cripple a business owner's income or an employee's job security, and when I'm ready to get back to trading, the market will be right there waiting for me.

As a trader, I'm thankful that we have access to markets nearly 24x7 so we can work as much or as little as we like or need, and opportunity isn't governed by asking someone for the privilege to work for *them*.

Dear Reader, fellow Trader, what are YOU thankful for? Share your thoughts with our awesome community below!

Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are!


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