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Trading psychology refers to the state of mind of traders when they are active in the financial markets and how this affects their trading decisions. This psychological side of trading is often overlooked. A sound state of mind means a trader executes his plan consistently, is mindful of the risks involved, is not hindered by emotions, takes equal responsibility for wins and losses and is realistic about trading in general. Bad trading psychology is one of the top reasons traders fail.

Signs of good psychology include not being emotionally attached to individual trades, not being affected by performance anxiety, focussing on results over a larger number of trades and not putting up positions that are too big to handle. Good psychological traders do not engage in revenge trading, do not second guess trades, and focus on self-improvement without sabotaging their results. They are honest about wins and losses, hold themselves accountable and understand how to deal with fear and greed. Both can be destructive emotions and several techniques exist to control them.
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EURUSD, 240 Education
which one you prefer? Trader A or Trader B

We want capture high quality trade like this. which means: when you win, you win big. when you lose you lose small. Top Author doesnt mean 100% right. All the ideas that I publish in tradingview is generated from a trading system that comes with low risk and high profit and a winning ratio about 50% what kind of result you woud like to have? A or B? Traders, ...

DLavrov DLavrov BTCUSDT, 1D, Education
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This is Why Beginner Traders Lose Their Capital – 3.Trade Volume

Hello friends! Thank you for your support in my previous post! It was not as popular as the first one but I could see from the comments that many of you found it interesting. Your feedback by comments and likes show me that some of you are learning and that is motivating for me to write more! This time I want to address another mistake I see the ones who just ...

SuperSignalFX SuperSignalFX EURUSD, 926, Education
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How to turn 100 dollars into 1 million in 926 trading days ?

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you a strategy that I am using currently on one of my accounts. The goal is to make this account growing with a target goal of 1 million USD without making any withdrawal. I would call it "The turtle millionaire strategy". Some of you probably use it or know it but some of you never imagine this possible. YES if you are patient ...

DLavrov DLavrov BTCUSDT, 15, Education
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This is Why Beginner Traders Lose Their Capital – 4.Overactivity

Dear friends, it’s been a long time since I posted a lesson for beginners, please excuse me, I have been overactive with my projects. Thank you for reading my previous educational posts. I was glad to see in the comments that you have learned something that will hopefully help you take better decisions in your trades. Remember that when you like and leave a ...

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The Power of Stop Loss and Risk/Reward in trading

Keep this in mind. Only one trade without stop loss can burn your capital. A stop loss is an indispensable tool allowing you to limit your losses. It is also a level from which you feel that your scenario will not happen anymore. It is mandatory on every position if you want to keep your money safe. See it like an insurance policy. In case the trade is going ...

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[Bitcoin] Here for the 'long-term'? That's how it feels.

It goes without saying that mentioning anything about crypto or Bitcoin could strike a nerve with most traders and investors. Learn more:

DLavrov DLavrov BTCUSDT, 1D, Education
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BTCUSDT, 1D Education
The Secret Which Gives 100% Win Rate and Crypto Legend Status

This is a very important post for me. I have spent many years trying to understand: how to get a very high win rate and become a legend of trading? I have read a lot of books, I passed through different courses from experienced traders, mentors and gurus. I got as much information as possible trying to get the answer to my question. And one day, I understood ...

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SPX500, 60 Education

SOME WORDS FOR NEW TRADERS: 1. Learn from the Ideas in tradingview, pay attention to trading logic (why did this author want to long/short? ) 2. if you can not understand the idea, or u disagree the idea, then dun trade it. 3. if you want to trade based the author's idea, make sure u make a very detail trading plan for yourself. the entry, the stop loss, the ...

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“95% of traders, trades the opposite direction of supply and demand, because of their emotions”

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Trading Psychology 5 Edge Execution

Edge Execution Trading is a numbers game, and markets are based on the mathematics of the traders equation. However, understanding this alone will not guarantee profits. The ability to apply and conform to the math of the current market context is what leads to consistent profits. Beginners often have a misconecption that they need to know what is going to ...

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EURUSD, 1D Education
Trading Psychology 4 "Now Moment"

Trading the "Now moment" Most of the time, prices do what they have been doing or normally do based on the current context. But what about when they dont, or instead do the opposite? For instance a strong bear breakout of a bull channel. Five minutes ago prices were rallying higher and higher, with no end in sight. Now prices are falling dramatically, what is ...

mastercraft29 mastercraft29 EURUSD, 1D, Education
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EURUSD, 1D Education
Trading Psychology 3 Fear

Keys to building a strong Traders Mentality (Probability Mindset) There are many hindrences to developing the probability mindset, and it would be easy to write an entire book dedicated to them all. However most of these issues fall into four broader categories; fear, false beliefs, trading the "now moment", and edge execution. In the following paragraphs we ...

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Trading Psychology 2 How Strong is your Trading Mentality?

How strong is your Trader Mentality? Signs of an "Amateur Mindset" If you identify with any of these characteristics while trading, you are suffering from an Amateur Mindset. These are normal when first learning how to trade, and even common in advanced traders who have not yet mastered their trading psychology. Very succesful traders may still occasionally ...

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Trading Psychology

Introduction to Trader Psychology There is evidence of technical analysis dating back to the 17th century. The candlestick charts most of use everyday to trade were created in the 18th century by a Japanese rice trader. By this point one would think technical analysis should result in more profitable traders and lead atleast a quarter of price technicians to a ...

g.grunewald g.grunewald BTCUSD, 1D, Education
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How to be part of the LOSING MAJORITY

If there is one huge wrong idea people usually have is that to profit, they must be the side of the majority of TRADERS. No, you DIDN'T. You must be by the side of the majority of the VOLUME. If you + 100 traders with your huge 10000 USD accounts are making buy pressure and only one whale with 2kk USD start shorting, you are rekt. You also should know that ...

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Risk management demystified, examples and facts proven.

Greetings, I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the magic formula to stay profitable, I've read books, I've heard speeches, I've talked to pros, and I've stayed profitable, BUT... I've also lost quite a bit, I tried coding my strategy to see how it would really perform without sentiments, as executed by a machine and I was really suprised, no ...

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BTCUSD, 30 Education
Accumulated performance of +20 altcoins vs. USD in May 2018

Evaluating the performance from May 03 2018 to June 03 2018 for some altcoins in their par with USD with respect to the BTC/USD.

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(XBTM18-BTCUSD)/BTCUSD, 1D Education
BITCOIN ROLL YIELD: a graphical way to digest market sentiment

BITFINEX:BTCUSD BITMEX:XBTM18 TOPS AND BOTTOMS: Bitcoin Guru's always tend to be able to do them effectively without any mis-steps or errors. When they're wrong; you should have done your own analysis, & when they're right; you're a noob if you didnt take that call. So why not just trade the opposite of what they say? is it possible to aggregate market ...

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