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Trading Psychology

Trading psychology refers to the state of mind of traders when they are active in the financial markets and how this affects their trading decisions. This psychological side of trading is often overlooked. A sound state of mind means a trader executes his plan consistently, is mindful of the risks involved, is not hindered by emotions, takes equal responsibility for wins and losses and is realistic about trading in general. Bad trading psychology is one of the top reasons traders fail.

Signs of good psychology include not being emotionally attached to individual trades, not being affected by performance anxiety, focussing on results over a larger number of trades and not putting up positions that are too big to handle. Good psychological traders do not engage in revenge trading, do not second guess trades, and focus on self-improvement without sabotaging their results. They are honest about wins and losses, hold themselves accountable and understand how to deal with fear and greed. Both can be destructive emotions and several techniques exist to control them.
Tradewonk Tradewonk USDCAD, D, Education
USDCAD: Psychology Of A Market Rally
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USDCAD, D Education
Psychology Of A Market Rally

Like many other worthy endeavors, overcoming greed requires a lot of effort and discipline. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. It’s all a matter of taming your ego. You will have to admit and accept that you won’t make the right call every time. There will be instances when you won’t catch the market’s full move, or times when you will miss a nice setup ...

xSilas xSilas PRO XBTUSD, 120, Education
XBTUSD: Seven stages of trading, by xSilas™
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XBTUSD, 120 Education
Seven stages of trading, by xSilas™

Hello guys, here is my little view of the progress that a trader has to do before he can become a master of all trades. I think its splitted into 7stages, have fun to find out in what stage of trading you are :).

YaseenG.Housari YaseenG.Housari USDJPY, 240, Education
USDJPY: "Trade Like A Casino" (Trading Psychology)
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USDJPY, 240 Education
"Trade Like A Casino" (Trading Psychology)

What is the best way to make money on gambling? Own a casino. - Casinos operate as a business. - Casino have table limits to manege and their customers are likely to risk it all. - Casinos have a mathematical edge, and gamblers are at a disadvantage. - Casino has no ego or emotion, but gamblers do. Now what give us a trading Edge: .Trends .Support and ...

AAlFadhala AAlFadhala PRO EURUSD, D, Education
EURUSD: The Top 10 Rules of Trading!
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EURUSD, D Education
The Top 10 Rules of Trading!

Hi traders! Hope everyone had a profitable week. Here are some trading rules that helped become a better trader. Feel free to share any additional tips that you found helpful during your trading career... Happy weekend :)! - Abdulla

YaseenG.Housari YaseenG.Housari EURUSD, 60, Education
EURUSD: "Kinds of Bets or Trades" (Risk management)
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EURUSD, 60 Education
"Kinds of Bets or Trades" (Risk management)

"There are really four kinds of trades or bets: good bets, bad bets, winning bets and losing bets. Most people think that a losing trade was a bad bet. That's absolutely wrong. You can lose money even on a good bet. If the odds on a bet 50/50 and the pay off is 2$ vresus a 1$ risk, that's a good bet even if you lose. The important point that if you do enough of ...

condacore condacore ADE, 120, Education
ADE: Bitcoin Group SE (Germany) / Psychology of Market
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ADE, 120 Education
Bitcoin Group SE (Germany) / Psychology of Market

The idea of full market cycles is important to understand. “Where” you are within the current long-term investing cycle has everything to do with your long-term outcomes. The psychology of a major bubble follows a similar pattern, but having risen to ridiculous levels of leverage, has very much further to fall. Much greater collective psychological extremes are ...

Natalie.Gin Natalie.Gin EURUSD, D, Education ,
EURUSD: 5 Tips That Will Help You Survive As A Day Trader:
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EURUSD, D Education
5 Tips That Will Help You Survive As A Day Trader:

1:Losing Streaks: The brain does not like repetitive losing. Be sure to stop trading after 3 losing trades in a raw! 2: Create a trading plan and stick to it. Successful traders have a plan and they trade nothing but the plan! 3:Manage your mood: If you are ill, cranky, depressed, or sad, STAY AWAY FROM TRADING!. 4: Keep detailed records: A trading log ...

forker forker PRO SPY, D, Education
SPY: TradingView Replay Feature - WOW!
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SPY, D Education
TradingView Replay Feature - WOW!

WOW! I'm super excited about the new replay feature here on TradingView! A big THANK YOU to the TV Team! This tool is superb to exercise any technique you may trade. Use it every day and practice your trading style! Here's a super short video about TV's new feature and how to apply it with Forks: ...

JasperForex JasperForex PRO EURUSD, 30, Education
EURUSD: 10 more things I learned in my short trading career
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EURUSD, 30 Education
10 more things I learned in my short trading career

1. Go online and connect with other traders, ask the right questions (keyword: right) and talk shop. Joining TradingView is the best decision I made by far since I started trading. Social networks add value and my trading has improved a lot by being exposed to different ways to trade and by being able to see what works and what does not. But never trust a trader ...

michaframp_ michaframp_ BTCUSD, 240, Education
BTCUSD: What the ocean and the future made me understand
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BTCUSD, 240 Education
What the ocean and the future made me understand

It will get better along the way

yuri72 yuri72 SCBTC, M, Education
SCBTC: Compare your altcoins to bitcoin not to fiat. Educational
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SCBTC, M Education
Compare your altcoins to bitcoin not to fiat. Educational

Comments, input, more than welcome :)

michaframp_ michaframp_ BTCUSD, 240, Education
BTCUSD: My journey and advise for us all
244 4 7
BTCUSD, 240 Education
My journey and advise for us all

You can agree or disagree, but understand that we are all different. And our differences ought to be respected.

trutt79 trutt79 PRO A6U2017, 240, Education
A6U2017: Fulfilling a promise to share my trading Part 2.1
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A6U2017, 240 Education
Fulfilling a promise to share my trading Part 2.1

The psychological aspect and my thought process Hello everybody, I'm so sorry that the migration did not as fast as I'd like it to be and, finally on last it's done and I can be back on trading. Before i touch on how i would trade, i suddenly thought sharing my thought process would make so much more sense because literally you will understand how i use my ...

oh92 oh92 PRO BTCUSD, 15, Education
BTCUSD: Don't Let Hope Get the Best of You
1939 13 40
BTCUSD, 15 Education
Don't Let Hope Get the Best of You

Above I have listed the multiple stages of a trade. A lot of the time it starts with a great buy, which leads to a logical selling point. Rarely do people go through with this. Why? because humans are full of emotion, which a lot of the time will get the best of us. Even though that sell order should be placed, GREED takes over. We hold on just a while longer ...

KellyBacile KellyBacile BTCUSD, D, Education
BTCUSD: BTC Aug 1 fork: the Exodus of the Hodlers?
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BTCUSD, D Education
BTC Aug 1 fork: the Exodus of the Hodlers?

As many of you are aware, BTC will be implementing a protocol on August 1st entitled Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 148 (BIP 148). This proposed user activated soft fork, or UASF, will implement segregated witness, or SegWit (does every crypto term have an acronym?), and ease Bitcoin's scaling limitation. However, there are many nodes that do not support SegWit, and ...

Luweedsi Luweedsi GBPCHF, 60, Education
GBPCHF: Importance of trading behavior
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GBPCHF, 60 Education
Importance of trading behavior

For those who do not know, I've already published a similar trading education type regarding on not closing trades manually as seen on the links to related ideas. As a trader, one should know (and be aware) and practice a trading behavior as this may be one of the factors that may blowout your account. I have been trading over a year and I've been through a ...

HamadaMark HamadaMark BTCUSD, W, Education
BTCUSD: Sell Panic and some tips
4526 72 76
BTCUSD, W Education
Sell Panic and some tips

In the beginning, this is not a gamble or a game of luck. It is a trade that has rules and conditions and everyone is aware of it But this is for beginners Like me The concept of rotation It means constant change in anything, whether it is the price or the status of the person or even the days. Everything around you is changing. Here, for example, in currency ...

staurum staurum PRO DXY, W, Education
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DXY, W Education

Tradingview is the first place that i came into when i just started learning technical analysis. Little did i know, that there are so many tools that i can use in a web-based platform. Yes, TV can be said as my trading-skill birth place. Coming across so many trading styles did put me into a path of confusion, not knowing where to start, which direction to take, ...

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