NVCN 220% increase? ...

NASDAQ:NVCN   Neovasc Inc
In my previous analysis, I chose the movement of the exchange rate to further decrease. It has not happened, the reason is that the second wave construction of the falling wave structure was interrupted. Instead, a fractal structure was created, which could be a good starting point for an additional rising motion. What do we see? Couples "a" and "2a" are fractal pairs. The fractal structure of the ATR axis is different. The "a" axis of the ATR is a resistance axis, and the "2a" fractal ATR axis started to function as a support axis. This means that the number of longs in the "2a" fractal structure is higher. If the assumption continues, the exchange rate does not fall (according to my previous analysis) so there is a chance of a double impulse fractal . The target price is 1.44 usd. 220% increase from the current level.