Does NVCN repeat the past?...

NASDAQ:NVCN   Neovasc Inc
Does NVCN repeat the past? Two figures are shown simultaneously in the analysis. Both figures are a response to the same market situation. The right side is RS before the left RS position. In both cases, we see a post-ER condition. It can be seen that both drops are virtually the same size. Nearly 45%. Note We measure the distance per cent, because we use a linear scale. This is important. The green line indicates wave axes. The arrows are the fractal points. The slope of the given wave axis is obtained by subtracting the distance ATR measured at the given fractal points from the fractal points. (Birger theory) This gives the wave axes. The figure on the right is a recent ER after movement. Later, there was another significant fall. The figure on the left is also a move after yesterday's ER, which is still ongoing. What you can see: as long as the exchange rate all the way along the wave axis slid down and down (figure on the right) to the contrary. The wave axis on the left is a resistance to the exchange rate. The situation is quite abstract.So the directions of motion would turn upside-down. So now I suspect that the price of NVCN may increase. Despite the fact that he is technically all against him. Therefore, it seems strange to keep up with the long position.