Next, chart Fibonacci analysis.

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The company is listed on London Stock Exchange shows amazing respect for Fibonacci levels. The selloff after reaching all-time high in December 2015 made 2 touches on the 61.8% retracement level.
The retracement starting from the all-time high to the low of the selloff is now also showing the stock price respecting all Fibonacci levels. Making 3 touches on the 38% before breaking higher, then consolidating below the 50% level, before gaping higher.
So far, the price action is moving towards the 61.8% level, also a round number of 6400. A break above could provide a good buy signal.
The company had a good first quarter earning results and are expected to be even better the next quarter, investors are liking this stock at the moment.
Happy Trading!
after testing a few days bounced of strong resistance at 6200, now retesting support at 50% fib level