NZDCAD – Still waiting for the completion BIG ascending structur

Update from my previous forecast that I post on Feb 7th on this pair. The price move slowly the past 2 weeks and still havent come meet my entry criteria. I have evolve my trendline a bit to adjust with recent price action.

I still think this pair will make one last push to the upside and waiting for now until the price to finish its 3rd touch to complete its ascending structure, or at least until the double top area at 0.92800 area. Once the price has reach the area, I will wait for a clearly visible impulsive rejection from that area. Any break of bearish continuation pattern in lower TF will confirm the bearish move that I certainly will make sure to take advantage of.

For now, let’s see how will this pair develop, good luck..
Here is the MOA FX technical analysis , please comment below if you have any question.

The ENTRY in the market will be taken only if the condition of the MOA Fx strategy will trigger.
Comment: we already reach and break the double top area a little and now start retracing back quite impulsively. I want tosee a bearish continuation pattern to form to confirm the long term move to the downside..