Short Term Sell Opprtunity on NZD JPY

FX:NZDJPY   New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen
Though it bit risky but you can open a short term scalping trade on NZD JPY
Entry: 70.27
SL: 70. 40
TP: 70.15

How to Become a Profitable Forex Trader:
1. Money Management (max risk per trade 1-2%) ✅2. Money Management (max risk per trade 1-2%) ✅
3. Money Management (max risk per trade 1-2%) ✅
4. Any strategy or indicator will work fine with 50% accuracy but the key is 1:2 or 1:3 risk reward ratio at least. ✅5. Don't panic, stay patient, be profitable ✅6. Always remember today isn't the last day of forex market, you have to survive to be a successful forex trader ✅
7. Don't set an unrealistic profit target, set a plan, stick on it, let the market do for you ✅
8. Be metaliy prepared for the long term result ✅
9. Always remember you are not a day laborer in forex market, you don't have to make profits everyday ❌
Happy Trading!

❌  Risk Warning :This idea is intended for educational purposes only and it's not financial advice. I will not accept any liability for loss or damage.
Trade closed: target reached: Was a successful trade