Try to buy. SL on redline and TP green line. take care your MM and #TAYOR
Trade active: TP 1 63.55 already touch Small Timeframe. ✅
Trade active: Wave 1 already touch 63.55. Please do not entry out side from the box.
Trade active: Reaction Price TimeFrame M15
Trade active: Wave 2 already touches again 63.55 ✅ from the box 123 Pips/ 1.94%. Diff Wave 1 - 99 Pips / 1.58% . Trade Safely
Trade active: 167 Pips Run ✅ Set BE and playsafe
Trade closed: target reached
Trade active
Trade active: Target 2 price 66.21 ✅
Trade active: Price Range Drop 8.27% ✅ Daily Setup.
Trade active: Target 3 price 70.05 ✅ Super fly from the box 14.17%


Where do you think we are heading now its above 70....Im stuck with a sell from 68 region :(
ShadowGrenade DreamChaser786
@DreamChaser786, Previously the price did not break Low 61.45. At the same time, oil's development is so much in bullish NEWS. H4 now looks bearish due to setup 3 Drive, if failed 3 Drive turn bullish because break trendline. Just my expection.
missed this but good job!
ShadowGrenade DreamChaser786
@DreamChaser786, tq 🙏🏻