as we see has been in range for like 4 years and now on this year has reached out of that rectangle . If you see deeply you gonna notice some years of this range the dominance got dumped like Sep/Nov- Dec and got recovered up fast. so I guess 2021 gonna be different we gonna have a bull rush at least to ATH and then maybe one more fake breakout and bullrush up to the new ATH . But the second way can be a dump or range till like 10.5 and then bull rush up to 18-28. but at all, I see altcoins bullish . keep the best and some small market cap coins/tokens.
coins/tokens I like with today's price, I really like to see whats the price is at the end of the year or till March 2022.
BNB 400$
ADA 2.5$
NEO 50$
TOMO 2.4$
NANO 5.7$
ATOM 20$
CRV 2$
I did not write BTC or ETH bc they gonna of course grow with others but I don't see a higher target than 100% for them.