BITTREX:PAYUSD   TenX Pay Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Tenx has been taking a battering from the market over the past few weeks, however, it finally made a small recovery and experienced some growth with an upside of approximately 40% in just a short amount of time. It now seems to be consolidating at its current price without having a major correction from the recent increase, the value is now fluctuating between the support and resistance shown on the graph. We can expect to see further growth in Tenx if these resistance lines are broken, follow the graph and trade accordingly.

  • Orange - Resistance.
  • Purple - Support.


Yes, this is a good call, to invest in TenX before it is breaching the support level of $4
We can likely expect further upward movement based on their recent deal with VISA, which is what caused the initial bump on the 22nd. I'm waiting for the next breakout to open my long position, but $2 isn't a bad price...
thomasfar6 Wheelman-
@Wheelman-, That's good to hear!
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