NYSE:PING   Ping Identity Holding Corp
I've had PING Identity (Ticker: PING) on my watchlist for a few months along with a few others. In my view, now is a good time to take the first SMALL position in this company, with emphasis on 'small'. My reasons are below:

1. Current price drop is as a result of the 3rd quarter earnings results, which shows a decline in revenue by 3% (down to $59.9 million from the last quarter).
2. Price is currently approaching 0.618 Fib retracement (golden ratio), which corresponds to $21.87. Since this is a very important FIb level, you can bet that many traders around the world are watching this level as a significant buying opportunity, so there's a chance that price will have a bounce back to the upside from there. This isn't a BUY signal to bet the house on 'PING' though hence I'm going in with a small percentage of allocated funds. Also see below for further reasons.
3. MACD is still in its bearish trend . If the price pierces through this level ($21.87), then there's a bigger chance it will fall further towards the 0.786 Fib level ($17.54), which will in my view, present another buying opportunity for many traders.
4. A 3rd entry zone will be around $14.89 - 16.50 lows pre-COVID, which shows 9-weeks price bounce off this level.
5. The obvious 4th entry level will be the COVID low of around $12. 05 . The big question for this level is this: Am I going to miss out getting in on the 3 levels above whilst trying to wait for price to reach this 4th level? What if it doesn't?

1. The above gives investors good price points to DCA their existing positions, and
2. Potential investors good entry points to BUY into a good company with sound fundamentals.