$PLFX beyond TA, notes from the June 22nd Shareholder CC

OTC:PLFX   Pulse Evolution Corp
BLUF: PLFX will be making some huge PR notification in July as Jordan Fiksenbaum establishes his position as the CEO and Pulse Evolution takes on Las Vegas with its holographic live performances. Expect move up to QB then big boards.

PLFX CC June 22, 2017

Caveat – finances, expenses cab be different when audited – GAAP or non—GAAP

Revenue activity has commenced!
Alpha Test of Michael Jackson showed, the process needed better technology. Much better today than in 2014. We are among global leaders in this technology.

Why the CC now?
We feel we are at the Inflection Point. From a Start-up to a Global Entertainment Company.
From a developer to a monetizer of our technology.
The hire of Jordan NOW confirms the point of inflection has arrived.

Working together with AR, VR and AI. PLFX entertainment applications include:
On stage ( concert tours / theatrical exhibitions)
Rev’s will come in bunches. Series of announcements coming in coming quarter.

Our raising of financials has been successful. Since 2014 about $40 mil. Mostly from shareholders – including favourable shareholder debt. Cash-bur rate has been reduced.

Now, ready to start productions w/repeatable revenues in mind.

July 1 to Sept. 30, 2016 $3.5 mil deficit and 2 mil/mo. Cash burn rate.

2nt Quarter 2017:
1.8 mil cash receipts.
1.25 mil were producer fees, a very efficient way of sharing fees and responsibilities with co-producers, who bring a great deal of experience in live entertainment.
$400k in animation, Fantasy Popstars in Korea. Our first Animation.
$270k from living celebrity – can’t mention name, but TOP in the world today – eager to have his “digital likeness” established by us.

No rev. in current quarter – still more efficient cash deficit.
Focus on next month. (Mentioned here Pulse Biologic, a Subsidiary)

Expecting small profit starting July, which will help with overhead.
Our issue is sustainability and monetization of our technology.

Michael Jackson (Estate) Production activity was visible in 2017. We have a powerful, long-term relationship with them re: digital rights. The estate has the option to buy the digital rights in the future.
MJ = Global Distribution.

Elvis is still in negotiations. Working on contracts – hoping it will be similar to MJ Estate, with fixed revenue sharing, instead of % of rev’s.

Response to questions about ABBA – Let Simon Fuller build that property. PLFX still has proprietary rights, but traditionally (as we did with Cameron during film Titanic), Tech. Co.’s stay in background and do not get ahead of celebrities. We defer to Fuller and Universal Co. re: announcements. Relationship still important.

Large scale celebrity-based production (July) will be global ( again the inflection point). In House Production, goal is to push the evolution of our Technology.
Management – we have become active in recruiting top talent-
Jordan had over $5 bil . in sales – the fact that he is joining us NOW underlines the inflection point. HE was a long-time Non-Fiduciary Board of Advisors Member – now becoming active. He will have a broad mandate, stressing timeliness of reports.
Our principle currency will be the US Market.

Since Jan. 2015, focused on Big Productions. Had disadvantages – lots of work, development – didn’t always lead to delivery of product.
Co-production helps to eliminate these disadvantages. PLFX will have multiple “small pieces” of many pies. (Compare to franchising?)

Move up to QB next goal, then onward after that.

Up till now, we have been rather quiet, but now it’s time to talk. Shareholders will be hearing from us (Jordan) over the next weeks.

Debt is almost 100% shareholder. 8.9 million, of which 2.5 presently converting at $1.
PLFX has $600l in secured debt.