Poly, 10% increase soon very likely

BINANCE:POLYUSDT   Polymath / TetherUS
I have not sleept for 2 days, just doing some night stuff and thought I would share it with you guys since Poly is going up alot ut I did not find any up to date Ideas.

I have not pointed out support, resistance etc because this idea is only to focus on getting atleast 10% increase and then sell because it most likely will dump when it reached is max wich i do believe is around 1USD - 1.2USD..

Comment: Ohh i zoomed out, our target is around 0.9$-1.2$
Here is my easy thought of this poly mojo, either it goes up to just 0.9$ and maybe teass us with 1$ but then atleast 30-35% dump will come..

The only thing i cant stop thinking about is that if you zoom out on the chart from start it loooks so much a like Etherum when it went to 4k..

That being sad, my target for this run now in 1-1.2$ , Its going to pump up and it keeps it stead all the time The support)
Comment: Only need some volume up so we break 0,73xx-0,74xx levels and we will fly, 1.2$is main targt
Trade closed: target reached