Bullish Power Ledger / Ethereum 1D

BINANCE:POWRETH   Power Ledger / Ethereum
Hello everyone,

A couple of things I want to put out first:
First of all this is my first published idea ever, so if you got any advice or tips feel free to share them in
the comment section. Second the lines I have drawn on the trend are not the best support / resistance
lines, they are purly on what I think (I haven't looked at other ideas), third the lines and the text in the
analysis are a bit messy.

Indicators that are a sign for a bullish uptrend:
1 ) The RSI shows some hidden bullish divergence , higher lows on the trend, and lower lows on the rsi
indicate that the trend keeps rising.

2) The trend broke through the brown line, this means that trend is stabilising or can go in a uptrend.
Don't now for sure.

3) MACD is almost crossing, what can indicate a uptrend.

4) There was a attempt for a breakout, but was canceled.

I think there will be a second attempt to go through the resistance line.

Thank you for ready my first idea. I'm trying to get better at trading and a good way to start is to
publish my ideas and receive some feedback.

P.S I'm also trying to improve my english :)
Comment: It is now 2 days later and the MACD hasn't crossed yet, the volume is lowering. The trend is testing the first resistance line at 0.00069887 ETH. If the trend goes further down, this can indicate in a retrace to around 0.00066 / 0.00065 ETH.

This is purly my personal thought, good luck trading.