$PRAX says - I'm sexy and I know it!

NASDAQ:PRAX   Praxis Precision Medicines, Inc
13.8$ being yesterday's high, today it registered a new 52 week low of 12.71 and rebounced 9% already,
Also rebouncing from the daily RSI level as low as around 24.4 up to 38.38 so far!

Should the stock close above 13.8$ today, that's a Strong indicator of the trend reversal to the upside!!!

Trade active: Looking strong for upside reversal with 18.33% up so far,
Also making it a wide ranging green day!
Trade active: We have a strong reversal day, and a wide ranging day!
18.25% up today with 16.39 being top!
Looking very bullish for a few coming months period!
Trade active: $PRAX continues to climb,
3rd green day in a row, makes the reversal to upside condition even stronger!