The Social Media Trading Bubble comes to its end..!

AMEX:PRNT   3D Printing (The) ETF
While many people thinks when ARK invest touches anything it turns to GOLD , I believe another season has just begun for those who invested in ARK ETFs. In this season we will see everything will be burned into ashes!

First, let’s look at the numbers, and see the performance of ARK invest ETFs in the last 2 trading weeks! They are all sinking in Blood..!

PRINT: -23.16% in 9 trading days
ARKG: -21.69% in 11 trading days
ARKK: -21.06% in 8 trading days
ARKF: -18.59% in 5 trading days
ARKW: -18.41% in 8 trading days
ARKQ: -17.37% in 5 trading days

While people asking themselves which ARK’s ETF will perform better in 2021, now they should ask themselves which one will burn into ashes sooner???

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I believe the ARK’s CEO and her team members did not buy the Sci-Fi stories the told people on their social media, but they tried their best to sell it to others, and they were very successful..!
Look at the performance of these stocks, most of them skyrocketed 10x, 20x or even more in less than 2-3 years.
CRSP , ROKU, SNAP, PINS, NNDM , WKHS , Tesla , and ...

Now as an example, I will explain CRSP and what ARK did with this stock.
There is no doubt CRISPER is one of the most important and disruptive medical innovations. Therefore, Jennifer Anne Doudna an American biochemist known for her pioneering work in CRISPR gene editing, awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Emmanuelle Charpentier.

By a quick search on social media you will find ARK’s CEO talking about CRSP enthusiastically and the share price skyrocketed almost 20 times in the last 4 years. And if you see the ARK watcher, you will find out they almost emptied their portfolio from CRSP in the last 2 months and share price slipped from 220 to 125 since Jan 15th, 2021. Yet, I believe it could go down to 70 in the coming months!!!
The question is :
Is CRISPER not an innovative/ disruptive Genomic medical company any more? ( as a doctor and holder of M.D. degree, my answer to this question is : CRISPER is a disruptive Genomic medical company)
So the question could change to:
Everything ARK has talked about was not true? Or they don’t believe in the 3 trillion Genomic revolution they are talking about any more?
I believe ARK noticed a company with 719k revenue ( CRSP )in past 4 quarter couldn’t have 15.5 Billion market cap, and they suddenly decided to insert the needle into the bubble they created in the first place, buy selling their CRSP shares!

Last words, I have a good news for ARK invest, Tesla chart is pretty much looks like CRSP ..! So be ready for that bubble burst too!( Tesla is biggest part of the pie in most of ARK’s ETFs)

Time will show us the reality of the people’s claims..!

Comment: ARK invest sell their stocks like never before! They even sell Tesla and GBTC(grayscale Bitcoin ETF). This type of behavior means they are getting prepared for a long term correction or even a Crash In the bubbles they create!

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