PWR - Quanta Services: Undervalued Stock

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NYSE:PWR   Quanta Services, Inc
Requirement fullfiled:
I was waiting for a pullback to $35 to $37 to add 250 to 300 shares targeting $49. I may, possibly, take 75% off at that point (I don't know...or just come back in 6 months to 12 months) - Then, leave 25% in. The price of $65 will be the next resistance after that; yet, I plan on holding this stock as long as investment is good and meets parameters. I don't want to care to much and just be guided by basic principles of investing this time around. On top of all the heaps of knowledge, I like how this stock is undervalued, providing another buffer to lead on that will see my through possible turbulent times ahead.

Trade active
Beautiful! We got that 35 pullback again. And this time, it went to the 33 level of support:
A convergence of horizontal and diagonal support. EL fulfillment.