Benqi (QI) Avax Defi Gem Potential +15x

Benqi (QI) Avax Defi Gem with a potential +15x from the current price. What is Benqi? BENQI is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending protocol that is slowly emerging as a leader in the Avalanche (AVAX) DeFi ecosystem, further to this, Benqi also has a goal to build primitives developing a Defi platform on a subnet. Benqi already has $2bn in total locked value with a low market cap of $63,110,178. Built on Avalanche’s highly scalable network, BENQI’s vision of bridging decentralized finance (DeFi) and institutional networks starts by launching BENQI on the Avalanche C-Chain. It’s important to get into these projects when there is no media attention or hype as you can simply maximise your gains before word starts catching on.

The project was launched in the 19th august, there is great potential here for 15x plus in gains, sniper entry at or just above the 23.60% fibs ($0.09-$0.15).