QI : Avalanche Gem

So I'm just going to post this here so I can push the play button on this chart in a few months. No need for any technicals on a token that's hours old. Bullish though as they have strong backing and could develop into the Aave of the avalanche ecosystem.

Comment: I had originally thought 0.25$ was a good area to watch for a pullback or consolidation. Now, I'm not so sure and we could see further upside if the top side of this channel is flipped to support. Deposits now exceed 1 billion and AVAX still looks strong.

Comment: Well I guess we know now where the short term top was.

Looking for blue line to hold before next move up, assuming BTC doesn't go into larger correction. If BTC does correct deeper into the low 40ks, then this chart will most likely get ugly.
Comment: If BTC doesn't screw this up...

Trade closed: target reached