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Updated Watchlist

As we dive deeper into our trading strategy inspired by Mark Minervini, I'm excited to share a detailed analysis of our updated watchlist:


This list is meticulously curated, focusing on stocks poised for potential pullback entries, suitable for short to medium-term trades. Here’s what we’ve analyzed:

Selection of Stocks in Strong Uptrends: Our primary filter is selecting stocks exhibiting strong uptrends over the past weeks or months. We use specific criteria like stocks trading above their 50-day and 200-day moving averages, a sign of enduring strength. Additionally, we look for stocks outperforming the market index, indicating relative strength.

Volume Analysis During Pullbacks: We observe the trading volume during pullbacks. An ideal scenario is a pullback on lower-than-average volume, suggesting a lack of selling pressure. A sudden increase in volume can sometimes signal capitulation, which might lead to a potential reversal.

Key Support Levels and Technical Indicators: Stocks approaching critical support levels, such as major moving averages or historical support zones, are of high interest. We combine this with technical indicators like the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) to gauge oversold conditions and potential bullish divergence.

Price Action and Chart Patterns: We're scrutinizing price patterns that align with Minervini's SEPA (Specific Entry Point Analysis) criteria. This includes looking for stocks forming bases, tight consolidations, or exhibiting orderly pullbacks without significant volume spikes. Flags, pennants, and narrow range days near support areas are particularly noteworthy.

Earnings and Fundamental Check: While our focus is on technical analysis, we don't ignore fundamental aspects. We check upcoming earnings dates and ensure that the stocks have solid fundamentals, aligning with Minervini's preference for quality stocks.

Here is a detailed sector analysis of the stock on our watchlist:

Technology (27 stocks)
The Technology sector is heavily represented in your watchlist, indicating a focus on companies involved in software, hardware, and various technology services. This sector is known for its growth potential, innovation, and significant impact on global trends. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and AMD are included, reflecting an interest in both established giants and emerging players.

Healthcare (7 stocks)
This sector includes companies involved in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. With stocks like Amgen and Regeneron, the focus seems to be on companies with strong R&D capabilities and potential breakthrough therapies or technologies.

Financials (1 stock)
A smaller focus in your watchlist, indicating a selective interest in the financial services industry. StoneCo is included, suggesting an interest in fintech or emerging financial technologies.

Materials (1 stock)
With Cameco Corp included, there's an interest in the materials sector, potentially focusing on resources critical to the technology and energy sectors, such as uranium for nuclear energy.

Internet (6 stocks)
A focus on companies that operate primarily on the internet, including e-commerce, social media, and online services, suggests a bullish view on the digital economy's growth prospects.

Software (9 stocks)
Software companies, including those providing cloud services, enterprise software solutions, and software development tools, indicate a strong belief in the continued expansion of digital transformation across industries.

Biotechnology (4 stocks)
With a focus on biotech firms like CRISPR and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, there's a clear interest in companies that are on the cutting edge of medical research and development, potentially offering high rewards but also high risk.

Information Technology (7 stocks)
This includes a broader look at IT companies, focusing on semiconductors, software, and technology services, highlighting the critical role of IT infrastructure in the modern economy.

Semiconductors (3 stocks)
With companies like TSMC, AMD, and Qualcomm, there's a targeted interest in the semiconductor industry, which is vital for a wide range of technologies from consumer electronics to data centers and AI.

This analysis shows a diversified yet focused interest in sectors that are pivotal to technological innovation and digital transformation. The emphasis on Technology, Healthcare, and Internet-related stocks suggests a strategy that leans towards growth investing, particularly in areas that are expected to shape future economic landscapes. ​

Combing the BEST of two WORLD's: Cathie Wood & Mark Minervini

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