NYSE:QS   QuantumScape Corporation
I think an entry of $22-24 per share of QS with intentions to hold long term and take profits on the way up may be a good idea.
Comment: Should still be possible to hit the entry target
Comment: getting close to the entry zone.


got a 31 put set to expire Friday, might actually accrue some moneyness here, looking to fund additional shares sub 27 🤙🏽
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sounds reasonable. 30% below current levels and likely will take a week or two at the current rate it's getting shorted by the street. There's a convenient fib time zone ending in 8 days, I'm buying a $32 put debit today in the weeklies, rolling it out of this thing continues to show weakness sub ~$27...

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after this kind of price action, beginning to think - bull case - a massive cup & handle will form on some of these post-spac EV companies. I'm eying the pre-momentum trading action in QS last September; my new thesis is it languishes sub 20, around $10-$20 is a fair entry. They really are in a 'show-me' market, and jawboning about your pre-revenue dinky-ass battery results won't cut it. Deliver a working/operational EV battery that can be mass-produced or the stock gets hammered full stop.

I haven't sold any shares, but tempted if they don't eventually allow 3rd parties to verify their shit. VW did, but that partnership is a bit of ahead scratcher, for starters, if VW knew these guys are going to change the game, just acquire them - and that might happen the lower these shares go. But something tells me these guys & gals at QS aren't ready for prime time, they are coming to grips with not being able to mass-produce this tech, because if they were, stock would be hella higher right now. So they're on a wing & prayer atm....

These guys won't be getting airtime to goose the share price anymore after this latest flush IMO, unless they pull a hat out of the bag. Expected full EV battery dev & testing doesn't conclude until fall 2022 for QS. Tesla will likely beat them to zero electrolyte lithium ion cells in 18 months, and QS has had 10 years in the bag on this and a couple power points to show for it. Something fishy going on there. So while I welcome another rally in this name, I'll be unloading shares on no news/meme wall st. bets volume...
Elaborate? Because you're at a low volume node?
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@warrenbudget, hey not sure if that price is still possible, I did not see your comment back then but after it passed $33 range while POAHY moved down from 12 to 11 I decided that low 20s for QS is most likely not going to happen

I had previously exited my POAHY trade and planned on swapping to QS as I believe I would later be able to swap QS for more POAHY regardless of whether or not POAHY dropped in price further for re-entry

I now plan on just waiting for my POAHY re-entry and am using QS/POAHY + QS + POAHY(and other Porsche/VW group tickers like PAH3 and VOW3) to try and determine the best time to do so