REVENUE Booming of E-Payment post COVID-19

So the government just announced MCO extension with the biggest impact this time is of course aviation, tourism , gaming, retail, and hospitality.
- AIRASIA wanted to fly, but now since the MCO extended, they cant
- Malls will remain closed, and some mall owners are footing the bill for rental owed, meaning that they will absorb millions of ringgit in losses.
- Small retailers that banking on Ramadhan for their source of income, with resources purchased way earlier in Q1 now wouldnt be able to sell their product. Even if they can, not many people afford to but.

But for most business, its time to pivot their business online. Globally, Facebook , Alphabet & Snap recorded increase in their shares today as many focus their business online. E-Payment also leading the way in enabling that.

Think of it in the long run, this is the new normal way of doing business. While social distancing is here for at least a year, cashless/e-payment mode will thrive.

The other related stocks include GHLSYS and DSONIC :)