NASDAQ:RGEN   Repligen Corporation
Opening price: 178.47
SL: 172. 01 (-3.62%)
TP: 197.86 (+10.86%)
R:R: 3

EPS % Chg (Last Qtr): 27%
3 Year EPS Growth Rate: 29%
EPS Est % Chg (Current Yr): 20%
Sales % Chg (Last Qtr): 24%
3-Year Sales Growth Rate: 39%
Annual Pre -Tax Margin: 24.9%

The Company is focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of products used to improve the interconnected phases of the biological drug manufacturing process.
Portion of the biotech industry without exposure to the full risks of the of drug approval process.
Strong double-digit growth.
COVID has a overall effect of increasing demand for Repligen products that helps make the vaccines and therapeutic drugs designed to combat the disease.
Earnings report at Nov 5.

VCP near 52-week high + Breakout
Comment: Stopped out - 3.62% loss