Real Company - Expecting GOOD returns

This is a SWISS company trading in OTC but this is a REAL company with REAL DRUG.
So They have an ED medication ( Aviptadil ) that hospitals might use for COVID patients with respiratory Failure

They are on "FAST TRACK" For FDA Approval

.20 cents is a good buy. I got in at .18 and sold and bought several times to make a profit today.
but I am still in heavily.

I would sell at .35 Cents if you wanna take profits. If FDA approves then I see it going high....
Volume is GOOD.
Comment: SOLD at 100k units .43 at open.

I think I am not going to push my luck for the day with this stock. I m happy with it.

Some prediction

Will it hit .50? Yes probably
$1? I doubt but could...

Big lesson is , you need to take profits. I don't care if its $1 because i have made more money selling early than waiting for peak or max..

Good day! :)
Comment: We will see a sharp decline at around .95 to 1 tomorrow,
That's a good time to buy as well.

Target price max. 2.50$ If you are dreaming for $50.... that's now how market works.. but again, we could if we get another "KODAK moment" lol

Good luck!
Comment: There some some more good news about the company. Will have to see the bid/ask in the morning to see how this will perform.

but.. .62 cents is hell of a GOOD price to open position...
Expect it to open at .70+ and drop... then it will spike again.
Comment: Expect price to drop today. Get in :)