RSR in a falling wedge

RSR seems to be forming a falling wedge and according with Fib retracement we're on a potential reversal level, however we're also close to a resistance around 0.04USDT (not shown here not to mess up the chart) and we're currently below ichimoky cloud and EMA 200. Basically we need a volume to increase to push price over such resistance zone .

RSR could go another 2 bounces inside the wedge before breaking upward, should this be the case I expect price to orbitate a little bit below 0.618 but not to touch 0.786. If buy volume spikes I think we can break at the next touch of the wedge's upper resistance.

If you wanna enter do it now and set a stop loss at 0.033USDT from current price (0.037 at the time I'm writing). You can also use a lower SL if you want, I think this is due to another pump which, eventually will take it over 0.1USDT.

Overall it's a good buy, even to hold for mid and long term.

Good luck