$RUNE, If clears above 16k sats, it will probably,..


If clears above 16k sats , it will probably move toward 20k over the week (~30%)

UCTS 1D Buy signalling the potential trend reversal

Comment: $RUNE

~20% on the daily so far.. 🙂

Comment: $RUNE

(4 years development UCTS seems to be paying off 😉)

Reached 1st important level after a ~40% upside over the last 5days..

Market seems bullish across the board so will let it run till it looks different.

Comment: $RUNE

30% daily candle saying 'not dead'

Looking for it to hold/flip ~21k sats as signal of continuation..

~50% up since latest UCTS 1D Buy signal

Comment: update on $RUNE,

nice flip over ~21k sats level after the breakout

looking strong on a 15% daily candle..

~60% up since latest UCTS 1D Buy signal

Let it run

Comment: $RUNE

Not giving up on this one yet.. (HH/HL structure intact)

Showing strength on a 12% daily candle

Willing to see if its able to go for a new HH as continuation

~50% since latest UCTS 1D Buy signal


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