REVIVE forecast still looking positive for long-run (3-5 years)

OTC:RVVTF   Revive Therapeutics Ltd
The long-position on revive is still reflecting a possible $0.719 or higher by 2022-01. The potential can reach significantly higher than $0.719 and may have the ability to reach $1.00 by 2022-06. By 2025-12, the potential can be as high as $3.00. However, there may be the potential for rapid spikes as high as $13.00 by 2026-02. DISCLAIMER: THIS FORECAST IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE AND ALL COMMENTS BELOW ARE ALSO NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Please consult with multiple professional financial advisors before making any trades.
Comment: Perhaps, $0.93 by 2022-03-31 if the current monthly trend continues.