ABC Bullish Falling Wedge

NASDAQ:SAFM   Sanderson Farms, Inc
Up on earnings . beware of unfilled gap below price
Possible T2: 160
I also see a few Symmetric triangles but targets for those virtually the same as the falling wedge pattern. If this keeps going up, I am thinking it will become a cup and handle . It would need to move up quite a bit though to do that.

Falling wedges are often bullish especially at the bottom. They can signal a reversal to an extended downtrend. I like trading them because most often I am trading a stock that is very close to the bottom. The risk reward can be substantial. Price must break the upper trend line of the falling wedge in a clear up trend
Rising wedges , are long term patterns and a stock can travel up in one for a long time. Ehth is still in a falling wedge . CBOE and CME have broken out of the falling wedgeRising wedges are the opposite of falling wedges

Rising wedges are usually found closer to the top and can signal a reversal down for a while. Rising wedges can also be found a lot mid chart after an uptrend has been in place. HON has a very small rising edge right now. A stong stock may just dip out and recover quickly. Then others fall out like LLY and go down quite a bit and spend a long time correcting. Rising wedges are almost always Bearish . It is ok to trade the stock if in one, just watch the lower trend line of the rising wedge . I usually wait until they fall out. CIEN is falling out right now.

I thow I may have misworded the chart. B?O from falling wedge is 116. Targets from breakout are above

Not a recommendation