NASDAQ:SAVA   Cassava Sciences, Inc
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I entered here last week for a swing play. I may change depending on how this unfolds. Clearly oversold.

SAVA is looking to get above that 200MA near the $54 dollar mark. I see a fib level for $68.55. Which I strongly believe we could see in the short term here as we gain momentum.

RSI is near the oversold mark, currently sitting at 37.44
Momentum is looking to go from negative to positive.
MACD is now crossing bullish

Keep in mind SAVA has been over $100 twice on major runs. If we start to gain momentum and start getting over the 200 (first) 100 MA (second, light blue) theres no doubt in my mind that $100 can be here in the mid term.

Stocks go up and down, rare cases they halt and go straight up. However even after a major increase things need to stabilize. We just saw a major decrease, and now it appears that we have found buyers at these levels. Should be climbing back up towards $100 in the short to mid term here.