SiaCoin Jinny Gann Fan Levels

Magic_xD Updated   
BINANCE:SCUSDT   Siacoin / TetherUS
Jinny Gann Fan Levels are on the Chart possible Trendlines my WAY.
Jinny Gann Fan/Horizontal Lines Works as Support / Resistance.
Important levels for the Big Cycle on the chart.
Trade Wisely.
Wish You Best of LUCK.
0.009245 Turned into Support
Next Resistance The Jinny Gann Fan around .01112
Then The level .0011805
Good Luck
Going As Planned <3
0.0092 Current Support and reversal again ;)
this will go to top @ .0545 - 0.06059
Aggressive Coin.. its in good Support level again.
Reminder .. You Only care about Candle close above the Yellow trend line around 0.0092 ;)
its doing alright ..
Nice Trend line you have there!
when did we draw that!
You know where your support right?
that Trend where you bottomed 3 times and reversed!
Good luck

Time is more important than price. When time is up price will reverse." – W. D.