SEEing Machines approaching its next W3 pump

SEEing machines completing its correction of this longer Wave 2 and finding a support at this level. News are on the corner although you can see it took much longer and with a more complex wave 2. It will easily pump up to its next W3 above 8p on any material news and anyone knowing this company there are multiple potential of material news dropping in any day now. Time to buy again, it`s an excellent opportunity at this stage.
Trade active: watch to buy 3.9-3.8p level is the 0.618 golden zone of this entire move up. Expect a bounce up over the expanding diagonal targeting 8p at least.
Trade active: Interesting add-on to the most recent count. The wick from May19 was an obvious error however still appears on all hourly charts. It was an order error which was quite obvious to all trading SEE. Interestingly however the current price movements react on this wick. Guess where is the 0.382 of this entire move up counting from the wick low? Right at the current bottom of 3.04p
This means a substantially bigger Wave 3 upward as well next. However can still drop to the larger golden zone which is btw the overall lower trendline. Both ways imply a large move to the up, which is a very realistic potential of this share.