This setup of renko block-size on a 4h chart shows that Seeing Machines #SEE completed its first ever impulse wave and now moving onto the second one. I can say this with certainty that the 2nd impulse (wave 3) will extend the first initial one, so I set up my first target for 27p as a minimum. I expect some reaction on the top of that trendline around 16-18p mark so that anyone who can draw a line might sell there, also those assume a golden ratio of the first move that the wave truncates will take a profit assuming this will be the top on the initial reaction.
Drawing a trend line from a time where the movements were choppy and corrective is irrelevant. Seeing Machines SP action is in an entirely new era here. The first ever impulse wave, and I am not even sure this first wave has been completed yet, so the proportions can grow even higher.
I have been saying this for long that we will be in a new all time high, and this is now soon.
Buy signal is clear anyway for the next move.