Silver Squeeze: Buy the Dip

TVC:SILVER   CFDs on Silver (US$ / OZ)
Let's be real, Joe Biden is everyone's worst nightmare. But the inflation continues. And it's rapidly getting worse under the old guy with dementia. We need to find a better balance ⚖️ Where is the Justice? Bitcoin is crushing new ATH's right now, it's really just a measuring device for inflation and based on that measurement silver and gold are being badly manipulated. This is obvious fraud. Everyone knows it. When the IRS starts coming after we the people, it's time for we the people to demand and perform an Audit on them. GameStop and AMC proved without a doubt, what all those keyboard warrior, conspiracy theorists suspected. It's time we put silver and gold at it's rightful price. Send silver to $1,000. That'll get everyone's attention. $ASM my number 1 #SilverSqueeze play. 10x potential.