Back Up The Truck!

TVC:SILVER   CFDs on Silver (US$ / OZ)
Silver has commenced minor wave 2 down.
This could bottom around the $26 of the best opportunities to buy is coming.
Just buy and hold.

I have said a few times on this forum that the big money will be made on precious metals and not shorting the markets.
Cryptos have been spectacular and will ride this coming mania.

The puppet masters control the sheep via their plandemic, not enough sheeple are taking their experimental vax , gifts and bribes are needed.
Marketing is required as nobody is dying from Covid...just old age and underlying conditions.

The end result from this fraud will be many hundreds of millions dead or sterilised.
Why would you trust someone with zero medical experience to take an unproven injection?..yet Bill Gates has done exactly that to the unaware.

Expect an event coming which will involve a cyber attack and manifestation of such proportion, an orchestrated and carefully planned execution of our system.
They will blame it on whatever and your social discussions will be extinguished.
This will be their answer or excuse to re-boot and reset.

Most individuals just don't care and blindly trust the most lying entity on this earth - Government.

Get yourselves as much physical gold and silver as possible before it's too late.
Call it a kill switch.

Good trading!


Fractal777 jrbauer24
@jrbauer24, It's a miracle YT have not removed this gem.
“100s of millions dead or sterilized” LOL. I wish more precious metal bulls would stop at the anti-Fiat narrative and not embrace every pseudo-science conspiracy theory that they find on Facebook.
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ram4nd HypnoticStrix
@HypnoticStrix, What's wrong with anti-fiat narrative?
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@ram4nd, nothing is wrong with it, and I am anti-Fiat.
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jrbauer24 HypnoticStrix
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Fractal777 HypnoticStrix
@HypnoticStrix, Critical thinking does not exist on Facebook, the truth is their enemy.
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Love this! Two weeks ago I saw masks everywhere, these people I knew had all been vaccinated. Masking is almost a disease. Today at a restaurant almost no masks. The sheep decided in their selfishness it was ok to take the masks off since a few others did. Self-serving sheep!
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Fractal777 younolikeyounobuy
@younolikeyounobuy, The "virus" disappears when you eat and drink!
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jrbauer24 Fractal777
@Fractal777, #TryVegan (-:
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