TVC:SILVER   CFDs on Silver (US$ / OZ)
peak in late august perhaps
Comment: silver is following a 17 days period for the upside as u can see from the chart updated above, so it maybe run to July 23th for the temporarily top, then consolidate again
Comment: silver reached tp1 fibo extension 1.0

critical price for now, breaking out will see 21 soon, else we shall retrace a little bit
Comment: reached 21, channel holding here???
Comment: silver topped today at fibo 2.0 level at the end of 17 day period. here is the gann fan chart. we have reached the pink line support around 21.3/21.4, breaking below shall see 20.6 which is a strong support. waiting for PA.
Comment: my final tp for silver is 29-30 area