Still awaiting reentry for Sundial SNDL

NASDAQ:SNDL   Sundial Growers Inc
It's sort of at a tipping point and I don't think it has the strength to tip upward.

I will probably make a partial reentry anywhere in the circle, then wait for more information. I have it going as low as $.94 but I won't wait that long for my first reentry. If it gets to 94 cents I'll go hard. With legalization on the table, it may not dip so low, but remember that any time a stock makes a really big run, there are a lot of shares out there in the green. Most people like to take profits at some point or another. It's only March, this stock has a long year ahead of it and a lot of time to reach $7 or higher. For now that's my expectation but I'm not rushing back in yet.

Oh yeah.. IF it rides above the rising trend line I will have to watch it like a hawk in case it decides to go on a run. I'm not confident in that, but I acknowledge the possibility. I still don't think we are in emergency mode yet. I think we still have this week and maybe next before we start missing out on runs. Later this week we might see some early surges so I think we just need to "stay calm and due diligence" (trademark).
Comment: I was dreaming of $.94 and I got $.93 so I was pretty stoked. It's now sitting at $1.14 and I've got a sell target of $1.40. I think the price has a good chance of continuing upward through the blue channel with increased volatility over the coming weeks.
Comment: I have once again re entered at $1.25


When TLRY go up sndl go up and verse versa
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making that partial reentry today or still waiting?
RickSmash CaptainPrice930
@CaptainPrice930, Partial re entry today for me. I'm hopeful that today is a good entry for swing trades to take profits on next week. Lots of pain in the market, so even though most of my calls haven't hit their absolute bottoms yet this is a good place to build my long term positions, and partially sell them off next week if they do too good.
Did you buy back today ?
@Barpau, No, still waiting
Just saw SNDL filed for stock shelf up to 98mil. Will that adversely affect the shares?
RickSmash tcrt2goofy
@tcrt2goofy, Not sure but I'm glad you brought it up. I sold at $1.58 when I read they filed for a shelf of up to $1 billion in securities. I haven't seen anything about the 98 million, but if it's part of the occasional offerings that may build up to the full billion then maybe it's sort of already priced in. But then again each announcement could have it's own ripple effect. This is a big part of the reason I'm not in a rush to jump back in.
amazing job brother Rick :D
Good job !