Solana Battle Plan Update 3: Price to reverse at Local High

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This is my 4th idea looking at Solana with Ethereum as a pattern, benchmark, or comparison. I used this pattern to identify downside targets and potential reversals and now I am using it to call a local high. This is basic and fundamental charting.

Both charts show a 5 impulse Elliot Wave to the upside. With such a clear pattern and impulsive move we don’t see a continuation pattern yet. We Solana does not show an ascending triangle, a cup and handle, or even a symmetrical triangle. Without a continuation pattern we must suspect price will stall at a previous support. Seeing where price flipping support to resistance and vise versa at key levels is one of the basics that can take years to master.

That previous support is the bear trap that was created at the beginning of the bear market. We can see on the right where it played out with Ethereum and I strongly suspect we are seeing the initial stages of that reversal in Solana.

Of course, there are some key differences in the two charts. We can see that when we look at other indicators. I don’t want this idea to become unmanageable so I will just look at one of the basics, the Monthly Bollinger Band. It is pretty clear that looking at the Bollinger Band it looks like Solana did a much better job than Ethereum. Solana has pushed its head above the monthly Bollinger band to reach the previous bull trap whereas Ethereum didn’t even reach the baseline. But either way, price being out of the monthly Bollinger band or near the middle with weekly bearish divergence at previous support still suggests reversal.

I do hope to see the lower limit of the monthly BB to snug up and flatten off to indicate a local low is in when I see Solana double bottom.

Solana Against Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB
Solana also looks like it is in a dreadful position against Bitcoin. The zone of resistance is drawn, in part, due to the MACD oscillaton below zero and the amount of sideways action we needed to have that happen.

The bearish similarities with Solana and trading pairs continues with Ethereum.

BNB has a bit of a different set up. It does not have a clear bull trap like SOL has against BTC and ETH. Rather it had a descending triangle top and a return move to the support of the triangle. Price has returned to the base of the descending triangle and I think with the indicators so overbought we would assume another pull back.

Conclusion and my plan
Solana looks like it has hit a local high against USD, BTC, BNB and ETH. There are so many temptations to get out of Solana into a different larger, less volatile token that I don’t see most day or swing traders holding onto Solan for long. Especially margin traders. Timing the shortside can be a wee bit tricky but it can be done. I am staying away from that.

I suspect that Solana will be setting a higher low W pattern. If it does, I will basically be rotating everything I can into it as I expect it will be making a higher high. AS the main chart shows that higher high would be about 100x from the low. If it sets an equal low, then I will suspect it will roughly return to an all-time high. That would be about 25X. That is decent enough for crypto but in all honesty if Solana sets a lower low, I will be looking for a different token to rotate into. Right now, my biggest crypto bag continues to be Fantom as I really like the Big W pattern it is in.
I still think this will be a W pattern. This is a unique chart. The fibs are on the standard scale but the chart is on the log scale. The retracement hit the 0.786 level and now I think it will zig zag down. I am looking to buy around $15 and below.

And I promise every Floridian that you will all be rich... because we're gonna print some more money! Why didn't anybody ever think of this before?

~Nathan Explosion

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