Solve.Care : The Repeated Pattern

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0. Let me tell you in advance. There is no direction. The following is a strategy for chart patterns. Please note that patterns can break at any time.

1. Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, and Box 4 maintain similar patterns such as Eliot pulses (12345-ABC) and Triangular convergence in the process of creating C waves. The difference may be masked by whether it is upward deviation or downward deviation at the end of each triangular convergence. Box 4 If the chart is triangular converged at the current position, which is the last small box, it is likely to show a large fluctuation at the end just like boxes 1, 2, and 3. For we expect to see a rise in the long term, We can take strategy with reducing risk, buy chase or taking a risk, buy low price.

2. Fibonacci extension level 1.618 is keeping well. Marketing strategy according to Fibonacci extension level 1.618
- Target #1 : 0.00004408 satoshi
- Target #2 : 0.00004780 satoshi
- Target #2 : 0.00005424 satoshi
- Stop Loss : 0.00003739 satoshi
Another Viewpoint : Elliot Wave Principle, parallel channel, Fibonacci Extension Level 2.414, Head & Shoulders
4 waves likely to reach Fibonacci 0.618