SP 500 Elliott Wave

SPCFD:SPX   S&P 500 Index
My view of the SPX using elliott waves and Gann projections.

Major Top may be around the corner, lets see if it forms around 1555 before a 3rd major market crash back down to below 2009 lows!

(brave prediction, I know) :)


Actually your not brave just doing your work.... The market looks like its going to go to around 1550 bfor any kind of reversal after the long term triangle. What ratios are you using and do you use time ratios, High to high,low to low counts to assist as well. Let me kno maybe I can learn something or viceversa... A bold call is better than no call you already won.
Thanks Dimes!

The ratios I'm using for my Gann analysis are very experimental... I've posted a few more charts lately with some more ideas using these methods to project potential price resistance/support zones... also just recently started attempting to use Time targets also.

Latest chart is calling for a TOP in Corn in Mid Jan 2013 around 940... you can tell that I like putting myself out there with some bold predictions :)

At this stage this is very experimental, so I am trading these ideas with very small stakes (bought some facebook yesterday with very tight stops).

The elliott wave patterns on this chart haven't worked out perfectly... but elliott wave is something I used a lot in the past (with pretty accurate forecasts I would say)... however I have started to question the trade ability of such a method, as there is so much reshuffling of wave "counts" it becomes quite tiresome... so recently started looking into Gann's work.

I'll most likely look to share once I feel I have it well summarised and explainable... it's pretty complicated some times, but keep an eye on some of my charts and predictions and lets see how it goes... at this point in time I'm hoping Facebook will rally hard as I've tried to call a low on it yesterday :)