VIX - Release Me !

SPCFD:SPX   S&P 500 Index
It is one of these times, where the great rally (due to another QE of many) doesn't seem to stop

or does it ?

SPX seems to be trapped in a rising wedge with accompanied negative divergence.
It may run out here right now with the break of the up trendline, it may make another new temporary high,
nevertheless , the air gets thinner... nearly as Felix Baumgartner's attempt today, but his flight into very thin air was stopped due to high wind.

The RSI after having not responded with a higher high on the latest S&P price move, seems to have broken its own trendline to the downside.

Well, I am not only short S&P , but also long VIX ... Volatility is very cheap here and a correction is imminent... which usually after this very nice broad rally in global markets will be mirrored with higher (spiking ?) vola.


I m done with covering the S&P shorts, good move after all

Little dissapointed with my longs in VIX, profitable, but not as expected ...but if the vola didn't spike now, when would it ?

VIX: not really happy with the movement, was expecting a spike... it has rallied though, I am still long

S&P500 : still short , market has reached 38% retracement (1395) and also knifed through the 100d SMA (1402).
I will cover the short at 1388, which was my original target and coincides with the 200d SMA.

the heat is on...at last