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The Sentiment on 12/2 was 93% Bullish . As I noted: “In general it is never a good idea to Buy on High Sentiment.” We have seen that every extreme cluster of Low Dorsey Sentiment have been ideal time to Buy zones. However, it is little recognized that “High Sentiment and Low sentiment are materially different in that they represent different aspects of the Emotional Market Brain.” The 5% Bullish on Thursday has been followed by 2% Bullish today after yesterdays’ dramatic declines. Stocks are trying to recover this morning and that may continue to some extent. However if the market remains relatively weak and there is low Sentiment on Monday, it could register a MEMBERS ONLY[/b Negative Sentiment Cluster and fit with the profile for declines into MEMBERS ONLY[/b time zone. However, given that the Price High and Key Reversal from the 93% is only, MEMBERS ONLY[/b,” the best profile resolution is for generic weakness to persist into MEMBERS ONLY[/b . There is overt and obvious support down to the MEMBERS ONLY level. Thus it may yet turn out that this profiled hiccup is still just more Range Trading. The interesting idea that I provide is that there are short term profiles within the longer time frames that most investors are focused on and/or seduced by. There are high probabilities profiles that don’t require long winded cognitive rationales.

I had surmised that the “Seasonals would NOT be typical this year.” After this downside surprise, there is due to be an MEMBERS ONLY and then perhaps another MEMBERS ONLY[/b into year end. Let’s take it one trade at a time. I repeat: “Thus, this is not the time for Big Bets and Out-sized trading positions.”

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Dec 09
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