S&P Crash Possible Scenarios

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 index of US listed shares
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I was doing an analysis comparing 2008 and 2016 and I found that if we go down very soon, it will confirm the downtrend channel (144 degree purple lines). More than that, we are also just right before a 108 degree angle. I draw 2 options from that point.

Option 1: Mother of all crash in the red upper part channel.
Option 2: Major downtrend waves in the purple channel

You might need to reajust the scale of the chart a little bit, see screenshot below as a guide.

Static screenshot image
10 months ago
BREXIT -> Option1-> Jun-2016
Keops PRO
10 months ago
Yep and even before that.. so many potential triggers are in the air