SPX500 just when you think you know a market

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 index of US listed shares
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Successful traders remain open to changes, even if you have been convinced of a trend and are trading it, to always check to see if the trend is your friend, and be able to disgard an "owned opinion" in an instant and completely change your trading strategy when the facts demand it. I am just posting this to say, not so sure of what I was so sure of, after this move, after the close today. We have two arches, one tilted, completed and pivoting, maybe. We have pivot points that reveal a change maybe, the pitch fork trend. And we still have the chance to complete the larger arch. The USDJPY             pair is looking more like flag or a channel trending than an arch. Wow, in a moment things can change, again maybe. All these articles, tv shows, posts, saying the bear is growling and will continue. I've been saying it too. But, its money, not pride, at stake. So I will watch this overnight action and asian markets, and as europe opens with a watchfuil eye and an open mind. I suggest you do the same. Careful trading all .